Saturday, 6 December 2014

Its......nearly CHRISTMAS.....

Howdy Ya'll

Wooooo who's excited... 

We are in december and its nearly christmas!!!!!!!!! ohhhh I'm excited.

So who put their christmas tree up?? I know I have!! Have you?

Its been a while and ALOT has changed....

Heyyyy y'all

Yes its been a while...
my bad....
okay I'm sorry!!!

So I'm looking back at my last post and thinking wow ... was that really the last time I put a post up!!
July? Wow, but the reason was a lot was going on ... like a have a new job, after 8 years I've left my first ever job at Topshop ... kinda... well i work there four hours a week still as I'm doing an Apprenticeship at Hyde Housing, very different to my old job but its new and something i needed to try out.
WOO go me!!

So that all happen in September.

In October/November i had two amazing things to look forward to!!

1.  Meeting my all time favourite person IN THE WORLD!!! SHANE FILAN.. yes you heard me.. i finally got to meet him with my sister !! after my 21st birthday I said to myself "yes you will meet him, just give it time" It was the best experience to finally meet him after all these years.

and number 2. you know its November and what happens in the UK ... WWE of course!!
Loz and I were back on it and this time we took her little sister (who LOVED it) Although it was in big old London, this time it was Brighton, and not going to lie but we had the best seats ever!!! 3 rows from the front (yes i know....jealous right?)

Here are couple photos from my two events...

The Apprentices with the CEO

Me and Shane Filan 

Me Marie and Loz

What have you done exciting the last couple months?

Y'all have a good Saturday afternoon ...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Luck comes in 3's

Hey hey hey! 

Yesterday was succccch a good day that i had to post it!! it was one good thing after the next.

So i woke up on a lovely saturday morning very tired after my workout last night ( yes i go to the gym, quite enjoying it at the moment) focus morgan.... so yeah ... i was pretty tired and thought i'd go downstairs to make myself a cuppa tea, it really has to be done, i loveeeee tea hate coffee though.
Then i saw the postmanhad been and i had a letter from "South Downs College" OH MY GOODNESS!!! it was my results for my level 1 British Sign Language, I've never felt soooo sick!! (wasn't sick though lol) i must admit it did take me about 10 mins to open it as i just didn't want to open up and see what i actually got.
So after making my tea having a few sips, i decided to opened it up!


I PASSED!!!! oh the relieve i felt after seeing it!! YES i did it, i actually passed my exam ( and i hate exams!!) so that was a good start to my day, that was #1 of good day for morgan :D

#2 - An hour later i got a phone call from TReds saying my Birkenstocks (such a good shoe if you have flat feet) had arrived. ( early!!! yes perfect) so i went to town with my Daddio and tried of a size 5 & 6, i did come to the conclusion to get the 6's. Ive been looking for these shoes all week, i even went to Brighton and called so many stores to see if they had the shoe i wanted and my size, it was driving me insane! Even better they had gone down in price, BOOM!! Perrrfecccttt 

#3- this was is just a funny and random, so a couple of days ago i entered on Facebook Competition on Chichester Cineworld page. It was about the 'how to train your dragon 2' and the question was
"How many eggs are the dragons guarding in their nest?" so i came up with the answer 94, not going to lie but i guessed! lucky ey! ;) i won 2 VIP tickets go see the film and the poster as well.

so there you go, all that in one day! crazzyy lucky me! I'm so happy and proud though i passed my BSL exams! truly i am!

Have you passed any exams or done anything your proud of that you have done in the last month or so? lets hear it!

Happy Fathers Day y'all (oops late post)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! <3 <<i know its late but i wrote it and thought i posted it... oh man!...>>

We decided it might be a good idea to have a BBQ! Its June and its been sunnyyyy all week :D EXCEPT of course it was windy which it took us over an hour to light up the bloody thing!! LOL
But we got it finally going...

A few picture of my day with my family.

WOOO food finally!
Catching some sun much ;)

London - Yeah why not!

Hello bloggers

Finally had some time to sit down and relax and thought ohhh i haven't told you about loz and I going to London (AGAIN) in one month and seeing....

wait for it
so your thinking...'what you like WWE?' 

Our usual thing, tea/coffee and a chocolate twist before we go on the train.
Heading to London we had some laughs, and of course we took a few pictures of us lol as you do!

So we got to our hotel ( the same hotel as last time ) 
loz decided she needed to run around like a loony! 

which again was pretty good cos we knew exactly what we where doing ( well... loz did) so we had something to eat, But after that, loz some how got sleepy and decided to have a NAP!? How Why Now? who knows!! so i decided to get ready and get a few thing together, oh AND take a pictures mwaahahahaha 
sleepy loz
im readyyyyyy
Never Give Up 

We then headed on down to the O2 arena! I've never been soooo excited ... eeekk as you can see by my face! (oh and how cool are my NIKE AIR'S oh yeahhh)

Inside we had a drink at the slug and lettuce and we bought new John Cena tops of course :D ready for next time hopefully ekkk.

So the Sky Backstage is SUCH a good idea, you miss the queue and you get to relax and have some food and drink! but before that you just walk in and you can have you picture taken, (PICTUREEEE TIME) 

Well it was amazing!! it was PACKED! What a great experience, it was mine and loz's first ever 'Smackdown' and as you know it would of been recorded that night!
We had some great seats, just on the side but right in the middle, so we could see the ring and the big screen!

so yeah that was London y'all.. another great experience I've been on.

but guess what .... its back in November in BTown (aka Brighton) of course we had to buy tickets!
SUPER excited ...
Tell me about your WWE experience guys... would love to hear them.

Friday, 6 June 2014

BANGERZ at London

Good evening bloggers

Wow can't believe its 6th June already!! That's crazy!! A month ago I saw Miley Cyrus at London O2 on her bangers tour!! 

Soo I've only been to a couple of concerts and mostly westlife ones!( yes I know westlife, but I love them ;) )  So this was massive difference and also having the 'hands in the air' VIP standing package, thanks to my girl Ally, we got right to at the FRONT!! It was insane, the crowd, seeing her sooo close and just being there!! 

Miley performance was amazing she really got the crowd going, she had some great outfit changes ( nothing I could wear though LOL) but it was just so much fun and totally want to go again! 

Here are a couple photos of our night. enjoy ;) 

Well i have a great night with my girl as you can see!! it was a different experience! 
She was out there and did her own thing, which she should be proud of. At the end of the day she's young and life's too short! ( although I'm not saying 'hey kids, do drugs!') i wouldn't do that! EVER! LOL

Y'all have a good night now!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blast from the past!

Good evening bloggers!!

So at the beginning of the year i found out that "Boy Meets World" is coming back but with a twist! i know i know I'm 23 years old BUT this is what i used to watch when i was primary school/high school! i just loveeeeeee this show so much i actually watched it all over again from the beginning! ( yes i know, whaaaat all of it?!) i had a few nights free and thought why not! 

They changed the name to 'Girl Meets World' and whats amazing they have the actual actors they had in the original TV hit! Of course Cory and Topanga are back and have two children , Riley and Auggie (interesting name). 

There backkkk!!!!

Looking on IMDb it looks like its release date is 27 June 2014 (USA) ( but of course i live in the UK, and  they don't have the release date for us and we are always second.

I'm a little bit worried that it'll be completely different to what it used to be, but it was the 90's and things change, but hey its got to be good its BOY MEETS WORLD!! Who will come back from the past? Not long now...

Couple new faces and old ones as well 

Lets hear your views, yay or nay for this coming back?