Sunday, 29 September 2013

Birthday night out && presents eeee

Good evening y'all

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! Been super busy really eek, so I got back not Friday gone but the Friday before and it's been none STOP eek, but I made it and it's my day off tomorrow yay! So let me go back to what beers happening sooooo.....
It was my birthday as you know on the 21st September and I got my iPad yay (currently typing on it now haha ) amazing and also I think my rents want one also! after I had nandos with the family for lunch I went home and started to get ready for the JOINT NIGHT OUT with the girls as it was the besties birthday also! (22nd sept)

(Left to right : me Amanda Abby Loz Katie Jess Stacey)

So we thought we'd do a joint thang! Ended up at good old Lloyd's (which loz -aka other birthday girl- was a little drunk already and kept DROPPING her drinks in the dance floor area! Glass was everywhere! Jeeeeeesus she did this TWICE, how? I do not know haha what a gimp haha was super funny but me the sober one thought shhiiiiiiiitttt health and safety better get bar staff lol. After that we got FREE tickets into T's (Thursdays nightclub aka a barn) which was amazing so we all got in for free and ended up in there. Was a bloody good night out I've had in a while hehe, can't wait for the next ones with these girls! 

Sunday I was sooooooo tired!! Went to Portsmouth to do a few bits n bobs, made a few thankyou phone calls as you do ;) and then went round the besties house for a good one catch up and Chinese! God it was good!! 
Then after she gave me my amazing presents which I loveeee so much!!! (Thanks Dia <3 ) 
(How amazing she got me official RKO WWE t shirt for my event I'm going to in November YES YES!! AND....
Got me the cutest bracelet with my name on it and a charm saying godmother hehe) 

And Loz got me the coolest things haha ...

My best friends are fooking amazing!!! 
I don't know what I'd do without them sometimes!! Couldn't ask for better friends!!! 

Peace out x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Finally iOS 7/ iPad

Yes yes yes as you know on the 18th September 2013  the new update happened, I was loveee apple products a must admit I never used to but the last 5 years I've been making my way and getting all the apple products.

First was my iPod, then iPhone then macpro and now new addiction for my birthday a iPad ( I'll tell you about that in a bit).
But yes I love it! Can't get enough! Best system I've used in a long time! 
So of course I was on holiday til the 20th so I had to wait till I got home to update! Seeing everyone's status's and tweets about it, dame I was gutted I couldn't download it straight away! As soon as i got home from the airport I started to downloads! (Cool of course, didn't even unpack first haha).
So what I think of it... It's not bad, at first I was like whatttt the... But the more I use it the more I like it and its different, apple haven't changed the look of it for awhile! I know a lot of people are complaining saying they don't like change, but it will always happens! And it has new features like the airdrop and pictures in folders.
My iPhone 

And after :

What do you think? 

Also so it was my birthday at the weekend! One mental one but I'll tell you all about that in my next blog ;) 

So here's my new iPad : 

How cute I love it! Never thought I'd get one of these bad boys! But finally have! Was just updating it in the apple store at the time :) hehe 

Y'all have a good night now :) x 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

My hotel room/ hotel/ let's go to the beachhhh PART 2

Part 2 

So it's nearly my two weeks up in beautiful turkey :( I canny believe it! I go home tomorrow and leave this beautiful hotel about 1:10pm tomorrow boohoo! 

So I've been taking a few more photos around the hotel of what I've seen and what you might want to see :) you never know! Ha so here we go: 

(Children's play park - my godson would love it! ) 

(Children's swimming pool- how cool is that for them! With a ship that is a slide and the water isn't too deep! And you got two blue mushrooms that come out with water! How fun!!! Never had that as a child! ) 
(Where you can get professional photos on the left taken ! Then you got the games room right in front! Pretty awesome games in there! ) 

(Where you can go to the buffet everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner! Pretty amazing food!!) 

(The lobby bar with the piano in the middle!)

(Oh in the games room,forgot I had this photo, but this is our favourite game- I won obviously ;) ) 

(The adult pool) 

(The swim up pools) 

(Our hotel from the seaaaaa) 

(Where we go for our entertainment every night at 9:45pm) 

Panoramic views :

Hope you liked the pictures! So there some of the hotel and the beach picture! 
Sensatori  turkey is a lovely place to go!! 

I have more blog to tell you about my holiday y'all - but follow me and keep updated!  

Peace out ;) 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

My holiday read...what do you read?!

So the last couple of holidays I love to read! My god I've never been sooo excited to pick a book and sit on the beach or sun bed on holiday or even at home or traveling now. 

It all started when I went to Sensatori but in Crete! I was soo bored one day! I didn't want to listen to music, I'd been in and out of the pool and I walked around everywhere! Everyone I saw sun bathing was reading a book, whether it was a hard copy or on there kindles or iPads or what not! So my sister suggested to buy a book in the local store in the resort! I was abit 'Ooooh' / 'arrrgh' about it at first! So I thought I'd read the back of the book to see if I'd like the story line! 
BUT there was a book a saw and a lady said to me that it was amazing book! Called 'the island' by Victoria Hislop 
(Here's the book) my goodness I loved reading every page of this book! I was HOOKED! What was really strange was it was set in Crete where I was at the time! I really thought it was meant to be!! 
I totally recommend this book!!! 

I am currently reading 'nemesis' by Jo Nesbo, I'm nearly half way thought the book! It's something completely different I have ever read! But again I'm think its pretty good! 

And in Barbados I picked this book! Which I loved! I couldn't put it down! It's was intense/funny/romantic/sad! I can't believe how much I love reading on holiday! I'm going to for sure get another book with this author! What a great read! 

( Me with my book and pina colada in Barbabos) 

Also exciting news..... I'm getting an iPad  for my birthday which is the 21st sept y'all :) eeek how exciting! 23 and getting old! But I can start getting books on there ( I know kindles are better but yanno it's all about the iPad! Haha, I'm a massive Apple geek :) ) 

What books do you recommend y'all?

Peace out :) x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

BBQ night y'all

So I've been to the Italian and the Turkish restaurant at the hotel now, so this time we went to the BBQ night! But this one cost €15pp, it had to be done! And I wanted sooo good meat in my life! Haha.
The service was again amazing! But this time you could cook your own food and they have a little BBQ to the side of the table! (Pretty awesome but it gets pretty dam hot is you stay over it for too long! LOL) 

You have so much choice of starters and breads ( I tend to stay away from them as then your too full for your mains, well I know I am, but my family where tucking in nicely!) also a ray of salad you can have and then you can pick your meat you wanted to BBQ, sooo many amazing options 
Chicken & chicken skewers
Lamb chops 
Lamb skewers
Beef streak 
Beef skewers
Lamb steak 
All different kinds they I couldn't spell or know what they even were! Lol
( my favourite was the lamb skewers! To die for!! ) 
My dad checking to see if his is ready, or burnt? Lol (don't worry it wasn't!)

(Bless this waiter trying to help us :) thankfully my mums a chief lol)

(Meats readdddy y'all!) 
Then after they give you dessert, but just gave it to us, (my mums hasn't got a sweet tooth, and I thought dad and dan where going to explode as they ain't soo much!) 
But kindly started to eat them but some odd reason I'm not 100% on there desserts, they kind of taste the same I'm afraid, which is good for me so I can lose weight! Of course me and my family ate it as we felt bad! Haha 

Worth every penny going! Try it... How did your night go? 

Peace out x 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Got Sunburn...?

So I'm a professional to getting sun burnt / heat stroke, every time I go on holiday or its a nice summers day, I never learn! 
BOOM I get burnt bad! It's really not cool or fun! It's PAINFUL to the point your cold inside and your skin in on fire. Lol 

But ladies and gentlemen as I'm getting older I'm getting better time to time in not getting burnt! 

BUT if you do get burnt, I really recommend 'Aloe Vera' it's the best thing that has happened to me! It's a god send!
(This is the Aloe Vera plant, it may look weird and feel weird but it's amazing) 
(Amazing stuff of all time! 100% Aloe Vera) 
How I know this stuff is amazing is because in Barbados ( as you'll know one day from a blog ill do one day all about my times at Barbados) once I'm soo fair skinned I burnt sooo easily when I was a little girl and my parents didn't understand they tried everything, to the point i hated being in the sun, but one day I was in the shade, whilst my mum/dad and sister were sunbathing, a Barbadian man saw I was in a lot of pain with my sun burn problems! And recommend I take this plant from him (free of charge bless him) and put it on my skin and keep applying it all throughout the night till I go to bed! My family and I thanked the man and thought why not try it! After sun wasn't working for me! So what did I have to lose!
So that night I cut the plant, and oh my goodness! It was soooo weird, it was gooey to my fingertips! But when it went on my skin on for the first time, my gawwwwwwd it felt soooo good! 
(TIP: put the aloe Vera plant or/ bottled aloe Vera in the fridge so it keeps cool! It feel amazing on your burnt skin!)

If you can't get a plant you can buy products from anywhere eg. Tesco/ Asda  / holland and barrett, just make sure you get 99%-100% Aloe Vera gel! There is alot of places doing bottled aloe and it's only like 50%-70% aloe! You want to get the proper stuff! Don't be fooled! 
I use either these two 
Both amazing! 

Another fact you can also eat aloe Vera if you have an upset stomach, again the Barbadians swear by it! Doesn't taste great but it's got to be done :) 

Hope this helps and let me know what you think! :)

Y'all have a good night now x

The Beatles && Comedy Night

On Wednesday our entertainment at Sensatori  turkey was 'the Beatles' tribute and of course 'comedy night!!' (YES finally it came!! Love love LOVE comedy night).

The show cast of course did the tribute (but not all of them, there was only 4 of them, maybe it's there night off - who knows) they where good as usual but the sad thing was .... Ekk ... I only new a couple songs! So while everyone from the older generation where dancing and singing! Basically loving life! Us younger generation just sat there! Lol drinking our drinks away! (All I can say is oh dear, but hey what can you do! We weren't in that time yanno) 

After that had finished I got up and rushed and I mean rushed to the lobby to get a great seat for the comedy show! 
Games room and the right would be a door to lead you to the show 

(The show wasn't in the lobby but everyone got guided to a room that was right next to the games room! Walking in this room thinking wooooow this is huge but they use this room for anything pro. The show cast use this room to practice and the do 'playhouse Disney ' sooo cute so the parents can have 1 night off! )
Soooo as I was saying ... Lol was in this room thinking jeeze it's packed and getting 5 seats in a row was going to be difficult... BUT saw some thankfully and ran over to the other side of the room, now do I go for the one RIGHT at the front or the second row from the front?!?! 
As I'm really intelligent ( hahahahah jokes)  well as I've been before to the one in Crete alot of people on the front get picked on! So I chose the cowards way and took the second row, BUT I was right tho! I felt sooo sorry for Paul and I don't even know this guy! Well I feel I do now! LOL but they had to acts on at the comedy! Both great acts! I was wetting myself (not literally!) but the whole room was creasing up!  
Here a couple pictures of the night. 
(He is there, right at the back, dancing for us in a 'sexy' way!! Lol)
Second guy - who's going out with the woman of head of entertainment ( I know this cos we've seen them together a couple times and alway he proper tried to kiss her at the end of his act! She was very surprised lol. 
So that was the end of the night! Another amazing one! 
If anyone goes to sensatori in any of the countries, don't forget to get to see 'the comedy cellar' they are always brilliant! Lol they are on quite late! This one starts at 11:15pm! Enjoy. 

Peace out x