Saturday, 5 October 2013

My first week at college - British Sign Language

It's been a while since a posted a blog! 
It's been another busy week at work and see my lovely friends :) 

but also I've started a new course at south downs college which I wanted to do for AGES and to up my customer services ! And finally had my first lesson last thursday! And again this Thursday! I'm now learning British sign language (BSL) I'm so proud I can do this course and really excited! 

Wow I've never felt soooo nervous eeek, but you know that's how I feel when I do something new and don't know what's going to happen! But I'm excited and hopefully it might be a future (you never know). But I'm really enjoying and think I'm picking it up quickly (hopefullly) but I shall let you know how it goes! 
I feel like I've learnt quick a lot in two Lessons , like : how to ask for a tea/coffee and how to do the basic how are you and even what is your name and my name is Morgan, got spelling my name to a T now ;) just got to try doing my full name. But just learning little phrases so hopefully I can piece it all together.
I wonder how much ill know in a year today! Eeeek 
Wish me luck! 

Y'all have a good night now :) 

Me with my new college card (and old photo from 4years ago! Hahaha still can't believe they had this photo) STUUUUUDEEENT well part time ;)