Monday, 4 November 2013

Shane Filan new album is out nowwwwwww

Hey y'all
Sorry it's been a while but since being back from holiday I'm been cra cra busy (sorry but it's my word at the moment haha) 
So it's the November already and what a busy months going to be, don't worry guys I'll show you all :) 
But today is a good day because 'Shane Filan' new album has finally came out today!! (Wooooooooo!!!) 
I don't know whether y'all know but I'm a massive 'westlife' fan (yes I don't care but I do) 
Saw them on there final tour last year (what an emotional one it was :') ) 
(Me waiting for west life at London 02)

(London 02 westlife) 

(Went to the Cineworld live performance to see my guys)

So..... Going back to what I was saying .... My bad.... But yes I got it for sure and can't wait to hear what songs he's written, I already got the single that's SIGNED may I say!! AHHH 

 what do you guys think?! 

Y'all have a good day now :) X