Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blast from the past!

Good evening bloggers!!

So at the beginning of the year i found out that "Boy Meets World" is coming back but with a twist! i know i know I'm 23 years old BUT this is what i used to watch when i was primary school/high school! i just loveeeeeee this show so much i actually watched it all over again from the beginning! ( yes i know, whaaaat all of it?!) i had a few nights free and thought why not! 

They changed the name to 'Girl Meets World' and whats amazing they have the actual actors they had in the original TV hit! Of course Cory and Topanga are back and have two children , Riley and Auggie (interesting name). 

There backkkk!!!!

Looking on IMDb it looks like its release date is 27 June 2014 (USA) ( but of course i live in the UK, and  they don't have the release date for us and we are always second.

I'm a little bit worried that it'll be completely different to what it used to be, but it was the 90's and things change, but hey its got to be good its BOY MEETS WORLD!! Who will come back from the past? Not long now...

Couple new faces and old ones as well 

Lets hear your views, yay or nay for this coming back?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Reason behind.....Made For Shades

Hellooooo New York... ( sorry always wanted to say that!) i live in Chichester, England.

Moving on.. so in my last post i was saying that I changed my blog name from 'morganworlds247' to 'madeforshades' so i thought i would explain the reason for this.

When i first started blogging I was in Turkey on holiday and I always wanted to start a blog, so I thought, Morgan you have two weeks off, by the pool, sunbathing and relaxing. Perfect. 
But now I look at it and it didn't really describe me at all. Although it had my name in it, it just wasn't right.

So late night I stay up till 1am!! (i know crazy) as i had to get up early the next day to take my sister and her boyfriend Dan to the airport as they where going to Vegas, which I'm TOTALLY jealous! arghhh... 
Right.... FOCUS MORGAN! as I was saying so I was up till late, and thank you to my friends and family it clicked! 'madeforshades' I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! I wear Sunglasses all year round!! and i mean all year round!
-Winter (I'm not joking around!) 
-if I'm not wearing any makeup (great cover up ;) )
- ANY weather (Rain/Snow/Fog- although it gets a bit difficult at times)
-Got a black eye problem - solved (not saying I do!)
I own many pairs... they are like shoes to me, you can never have too many, this year ill be looking for some that are much for colourful! why not.

You maybe thinking, "hang on she wears them in winter?! do people not look at you?"
My friends and family know me to well it doesn't even surprise them any more, I do get some people looking at me in the street but hey they are just sunglasses! its not like I'm wearing a crop top and legging ( which i DO NOT agree on ) they are not trousers, I'm sure ill put a blog about that which many silly people will be wearing this summer!

So I put a few pictures together to show you... this is me doing my thing...

so there you reason and I'm sure you'll get it now, and thats just a few images with me and my sunnies :D 

   whats your favourite item of clothing or/ accessories, lets hear it..

Have a good evening y'all 

Peace out 
-M x

Sunday, 25 May 2014

New and Improved....

So as you can see I've spent many hours changing my blog (why not!) lots of changes even the name. I know morgansworld247 was good but didn't seem right, as you can see its now called.... (drum roll)
I knew it was the one, my friends would know for sure... i love my sunglasses! I wear them all the time and thought this was perfect for my blog name :D  super happy and proud.
The image I found was for my header is the following link 'image source'

Well i hope you like the new name and profile.

Wow its getting late I better get some sleep.

Night y'all x

Guess who's back?

Hey y'all....

Wow ... its been a while and sooo much has happened!

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon casually watching 'Gossip Girl' (As you do) you know me and my American shows!
So i thought to myself what to do... then an idea came to me... my blog! (ding ding ding)

sooo the last post was in November (JEZUZ) that is a LONG time oops.

November: well November was a VERY exciting month for me, i saw Sally Morgan (the psychic ) in Portsmouth with my girl christie! she was pretty good, very emotional night but was worth going and seeing.

 & WWE live at the London o2 (AHHHHH) what an amazing experience that was! we had to much fun! as soon as we got home we booked WWE smack down ( which we just got back from and ill blog about it don't you worry ) you wouldn't think we would be into WWE but we LOVE IT sooooo much! here a couple of pictures of that night!

just got of the train at londonnnn
London o2

December : As i work for retail, December is a VERYYYY busy time for me, to see my family and friends and also work which was super busy, people panicking for what to buy there loved ones.

January: not a lot happen in this month, it wasn't the best start to the new year as Grandad past away a couple days after boxing day, i love this man so much! he was truly a kind man! but i know he's in a better place and loving life up there! i love you grandad always and forever! 

February - April : Doing the usual things like going out, cinema ing it up as of course i have an "unlimited" cinema card! so I'm up to date with all the movies ;) also just seeing my friends and working quite a lot, my job role has changed and now I'm proud to be the Back Of House Manager at Topshop moving up and onwards. It was a big change but its nice to do something different, doing the same thing for 7 years just being a sales advisor, i needed a change and a challenge.

so y'all there we go.. i think your up to date with so far everything i can think of, don't worry I've got a lot more to talk about, just you wait ...

have a good Sunday evening y'all  x