Friday, 6 June 2014

BANGERZ at London

Good evening bloggers

Wow can't believe its 6th June already!! That's crazy!! A month ago I saw Miley Cyrus at London O2 on her bangers tour!! 

Soo I've only been to a couple of concerts and mostly westlife ones!( yes I know westlife, but I love them ;) )  So this was massive difference and also having the 'hands in the air' VIP standing package, thanks to my girl Ally, we got right to at the FRONT!! It was insane, the crowd, seeing her sooo close and just being there!! 

Miley performance was amazing she really got the crowd going, she had some great outfit changes ( nothing I could wear though LOL) but it was just so much fun and totally want to go again! 

Here are a couple photos of our night. enjoy ;) 

Well i have a great night with my girl as you can see!! it was a different experience! 
She was out there and did her own thing, which she should be proud of. At the end of the day she's young and life's too short! ( although I'm not saying 'hey kids, do drugs!') i wouldn't do that! EVER! LOL

Y'all have a good night now!