Sunday, 13 July 2014

London - Yeah why not!

Hello bloggers

Finally had some time to sit down and relax and thought ohhh i haven't told you about loz and I going to London (AGAIN) in one month and seeing....

wait for it
so your thinking...'what you like WWE?' 

Our usual thing, tea/coffee and a chocolate twist before we go on the train.
Heading to London we had some laughs, and of course we took a few pictures of us lol as you do!

So we got to our hotel ( the same hotel as last time ) 
loz decided she needed to run around like a loony! 

which again was pretty good cos we knew exactly what we where doing ( well... loz did) so we had something to eat, But after that, loz some how got sleepy and decided to have a NAP!? How Why Now? who knows!! so i decided to get ready and get a few thing together, oh AND take a pictures mwaahahahaha 
sleepy loz
im readyyyyyy
Never Give Up 

We then headed on down to the O2 arena! I've never been soooo excited ... eeekk as you can see by my face! (oh and how cool are my NIKE AIR'S oh yeahhh)

Inside we had a drink at the slug and lettuce and we bought new John Cena tops of course :D ready for next time hopefully ekkk.

So the Sky Backstage is SUCH a good idea, you miss the queue and you get to relax and have some food and drink! but before that you just walk in and you can have you picture taken, (PICTUREEEE TIME) 

Well it was amazing!! it was PACKED! What a great experience, it was mine and loz's first ever 'Smackdown' and as you know it would of been recorded that night!
We had some great seats, just on the side but right in the middle, so we could see the ring and the big screen!

so yeah that was London y'all.. another great experience I've been on.

but guess what .... its back in November in BTown (aka Brighton) of course we had to buy tickets!
SUPER excited ...
Tell me about your WWE experience guys... would love to hear them.

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