Sunday, 13 July 2014

Luck comes in 3's

Hey hey hey! 

Yesterday was succccch a good day that i had to post it!! it was one good thing after the next.

So i woke up on a lovely saturday morning very tired after my workout last night ( yes i go to the gym, quite enjoying it at the moment) focus morgan.... so yeah ... i was pretty tired and thought i'd go downstairs to make myself a cuppa tea, it really has to be done, i loveeeee tea hate coffee though.
Then i saw the postmanhad been and i had a letter from "South Downs College" OH MY GOODNESS!!! it was my results for my level 1 British Sign Language, I've never felt soooo sick!! (wasn't sick though lol) i must admit it did take me about 10 mins to open it as i just didn't want to open up and see what i actually got.
So after making my tea having a few sips, i decided to opened it up!


I PASSED!!!! oh the relieve i felt after seeing it!! YES i did it, i actually passed my exam ( and i hate exams!!) so that was a good start to my day, that was #1 of good day for morgan :D

#2 - An hour later i got a phone call from TReds saying my Birkenstocks (such a good shoe if you have flat feet) had arrived. ( early!!! yes perfect) so i went to town with my Daddio and tried of a size 5 & 6, i did come to the conclusion to get the 6's. Ive been looking for these shoes all week, i even went to Brighton and called so many stores to see if they had the shoe i wanted and my size, it was driving me insane! Even better they had gone down in price, BOOM!! Perrrfecccttt 

#3- this was is just a funny and random, so a couple of days ago i entered on Facebook Competition on Chichester Cineworld page. It was about the 'how to train your dragon 2' and the question was
"How many eggs are the dragons guarding in their nest?" so i came up with the answer 94, not going to lie but i guessed! lucky ey! ;) i won 2 VIP tickets go see the film and the poster as well.

so there you go, all that in one day! crazzyy lucky me! I'm so happy and proud though i passed my BSL exams! truly i am!

Have you passed any exams or done anything your proud of that you have done in the last month or so? lets hear it!

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