Saturday, 6 December 2014

Its been a while and ALOT has changed....

Heyyyy y'all

Yes its been a while...
my bad....
okay I'm sorry!!!

So I'm looking back at my last post and thinking wow ... was that really the last time I put a post up!!
July? Wow, but the reason was a lot was going on ... like a have a new job, after 8 years I've left my first ever job at Topshop ... kinda... well i work there four hours a week still as I'm doing an Apprenticeship at Hyde Housing, very different to my old job but its new and something i needed to try out.
WOO go me!!

So that all happen in September.

In October/November i had two amazing things to look forward to!!

1.  Meeting my all time favourite person IN THE WORLD!!! SHANE FILAN.. yes you heard me.. i finally got to meet him with my sister !! after my 21st birthday I said to myself "yes you will meet him, just give it time" It was the best experience to finally meet him after all these years.

and number 2. you know its November and what happens in the UK ... WWE of course!!
Loz and I were back on it and this time we took her little sister (who LOVED it) Although it was in big old London, this time it was Brighton, and not going to lie but we had the best seats ever!!! 3 rows from the front (yes i know....jealous right?)

Here are couple photos from my two events...

The Apprentices with the CEO

Me and Shane Filan 

Me Marie and Loz

What have you done exciting the last couple months?

Y'all have a good Saturday afternoon ...

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